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Our Approach


Deosi LLC provides an integrated management approach that synchronizes all aspects of program management, leverages superior experience and capabilities in key areas, sound staffing approach and results in low risk in all areas. 

Deosi has established successful project management plans across multiple engagements for both Federal and Commercial market customers that will be implemented on the requirements for every solicitation to ensure the successful execution.

We use processes that integrate planning, tracking, monitoring, control, and reporting. Our program management plan begins with the selection of a highly qualified program manager. Our PM and our entire team are well versed in all phases of project management as it applies to the requirements of the customer. Our top-down and visually structured planning process integrates scope, schedule, and cost baselines.

Managing Multiple Concurrent Projects

Managing Multiple Concurrent Projects

Our metrics-based management approach relies on accurate data to direct our work and update our schedule and plans.

Our program controls and processes complying with 100 percent of requirements and will keep all tasks firmly on track from inception to final delivery.

We provide quality solutions in a very competitive time frame using Agile and other framework principles to produce effective, consistent, and measurable results.  

  • Agile Software Development Framework (Scrum, Kanban & Extreme Programming)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Management Practices
  • Information Technology Integrated Library (ITIL) Framework
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Framework

Deosi has been very successful in past Federal and Commercial market programs

By having the depth and breadth to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

We have highly qualified team members to manage quickly, a variety of projects with dissimilar scope and complexity. Our success is based on a demonstrated, known and proven process, existing tools, coupled with talented managers and other project staff.


Tools and Methodologies for Planning

We employ the methodology for planning and provide a detailed view of all the work that must be performed on any task.

Once all work is broken down, resource loading is applied and a Comprehensive Program Plan is developed that includes all managed projects, a master WBS across all projects, and an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) (in Microsoft® Project). This ensures complete synergy between all managed projects and missions. Using this information, we assess the future resource loading requirements in order to staff the tasks accordingly.

We utilize various Microsoft® Office products (Project, Word, and Excel) to plan the work and consolidate actual accomplishments, realistic reports and estimates to complete the project.

We identify all necessary intermediate due dates, potential delays, and duration/person hour increase/reduction ratios based on lessons learned through historic performance of stakeholders. Historically our clients have expressed high confidence in our projections of work as managed in our approach in terms of required resources and time estimates.

Tools And Methods

Scheduling Capability

We understand the effort to develop specific task order plans that yield excellent granularity in our schedule and resource planning.

We identify critical paths and impacts to dependent tasks and trace all PWS requirements to the appropriate task and responsible individuals. Principal events in the schedule map directly to Government milestones, providing unvarnished visibility to the Government of all subtasks and their status for items required for completion of each milestone.

Data Reporting

Data reporting and analysis

Our metrics-based management processes provide the foundation for concise, accurate, and timely reporting of status in all program/Task Areas.

Metrics are reviewed weekly by project management and are rolled up for review by business management at monthly program reviews. Program status will be captured in monthly status reports submitted to Customer using the up-to-date information that includes financial status, project activity status, risk status, and Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) delivery status.

Our management team and approach are highly responsive. We respond directly to customer needs and concerns during the execution of all task orders. We methodically record and track customer issues right from initiation through closure and provide status updates along the way.