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Mobile App Development


Mobile apps have become a basic necessity in the current times for customers and business owners.

The customers get easy access to the services and products with unmatched availability on the mobile apps.

Similarly, the business owners have the platform to reach a wider target audience and gain an edge in the market with high-quality responsive mobile apps.

Our mobile app development services follow the need of the business owners and the customers. We offer development services on three major mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and Xamarin.

IT Modernization

Android App Development

Android App Development

Full Transparency and Customization

Customer needs and satisfaction always remain a top priority for us.

Android app development services we offer, are customized as per the requirements and specifications provided by our customers. We maintain regular communication and follow agile development methodology for complete transparency and end-user collaboration.

We develop the apps from scratch and can also customize the Android solutions utilizing the native SDKs and third-party integrations.



Responsive Design

We amalgamate the design and development process to offer a seamless experience to the end-users.

Android is one of the most popularly used mobile operating systems having millions of apps in its Play Store. We make sure that the apps we create are distinguished from the rest through the use of responsive design methodology. These apps respond to the user actions and the functionalities implemented are enhanced with enriched user experience.



App Security

We offer secure Android apps for promoted user trust and device integrity.

Security algorithms and functions are integrated into the application code to ensure prevention of the security and privacy violations. Access management, protection from malicious codes, data encryption, and network security measures are followed by our experts to offer excellent security.

App Development – iOS


Frameworks and Tools

We cover a broad range of development tools and frameworks to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Native SDK, StoreKit, Cocoa Touch, OpenGL ES, and MapKit are the frameworks we use in iOS app development procedures.  We use JSON, iOS Virtual Machine, and Xcode development tools. Objective C and Swift are the primary languages we use to develop the app codes.



Design and Development

We follow iOS design guidelines for standardization and the creation of effective interface designs for the apps.

We adhere to the human-computer interaction design principles while designing our iOS apps. At the same time, we ensure excellence in functional and non-functional areas through agile and lean development methods. We check for app irregularities during the development process to provide quick deliveries without any defects.



App Types

There is a broad app range that we cover in terms of the app types and business domains.

We cater to the needs of our customers by using the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things in the iOS app development process. We have the expertise to develop iOS apps covering social media apps, e-commerce apps, online learning apps, finance management apps, marketing apps, healthcare apps, navigation apps, and a lot more.


Xamarin App Development


Xamarin unlocks immense possibilities for us to target numerous mobile platforms with ease of code reusability.

Our employees at Deosi are well-versed with the Xamarin platform with supreme programming and coding skills.

The platform allows complete access to Android and iOS APIs.  Our team uses the best development tools as the Xamarin platform and Xamarin insights to offer exceptional  Xamarin app development services. 


Skilled Workforce

Our employees at Deosi are well-versed with the Xamarin platform with supreme programming and coding skills.

The resources have proficiency in C# and ASP.Net to create cross-platform mobile apps. The knowledge of Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) software architecture enables the developers to effectively collaborate with designers and testers. The collaborated effort of our team leads to the development of desired mobile apps.

Code reusability is something that is made possible with the use of the Xamarin platform. Our dextrous resources attend training and professional development sessions to continually enhance their skills for better performance and productivity.


Cross-Platform Apps

We create highly-customizable and scalable mobile apps with cross-platform features.

The end-users may have several mobile devices with varied operating systems. We make sure that the users can access the mobile apps on all the platforms without any constraints. The cross-platform mobile apps lead to cost-savings and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

We can make changes in the application code at any point during the development lifecycle. The scalable approaches we follow allow us to make the alterations and meet the customer demands.


Brief Summary

Mobile app development services we offer involve equal preferences to the functional, non-functional, business, technical, and user requirements.

We make sure that the apps have interactive designs with the required functionalities. Also, security, scalability, platform-independence, robustness, availability, and performance are some of the qualities that we prioritize in the mobile apps we develop. We have the skills and tools to meet the customized user requirements without compromising on the overall quality.