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Java Development


Java is an object-oriented programming language that offers innumerable benefits, such as platform-independence, multi-threading, simplicity, security, and a lot more.

We, at Deosi, provide our clients with a wide range of Java Development Services to experience the benefits that come along with the programming language.

Our offshore global delivery center has the skilled resources with specialization in the Java programming language to develop and deploy the best-in-class solutions for our customers.  Here are some of the benefits that our customers receive by utilizing these services. 

Java Development

Customized Requirements Implementation

Our Java programmers carry out an in-depth analysis of the customers’ requirements and present them with customized Java-based applications and solutions.

We provide on-demand customization with flexibility and scalability imbibed into the Java application.


Promised Security

Our customers are provided with highly secure Java-based applications and solutions by integrating these with high-security plugins.

We use advanced data encryption algorithms and incorporate the latest security controls to offer hassle-free applications.


Quick Deliveries

We use agile methodology for software development enabling the constant involvement of the customers.

The end products we develop are in accordance with the expectations of the customers and there are quick deliveries made in a gap of three to four weeks. 


24x7 Customer Support

The offshore Java development team remains available to assist the customers on a 24x7 basis.

We make sure that the customer queries are resolved in real-time to ensure utmost customer satisfaction and engagement levels.


Rich UI

The services, solutions, and capabilities offered through our Java development efforts provide our customers with a rich user interface.

The UI we offer is compatible with the mobile and desktop platforms providing easy access and enhanced visual appeal to the clients.


Services Offered

The Java development services we offer involve our clients throughout the lifecycle of the product/service.

The client involvement enables us to understand their requirements and expectations, thus promoting improved customer engagement and loyalty. 


Java Web Development

Our extensive Java Web Development services include scalable and secure web applications and solutions for our customers.

Our in-house team uses the agile development structure to create high-security and high-quality web-based applications as per the customer requirements.

Java is an object-oriented language that promotes robustness, platform independence, and multi-threading. These characteristics enable our team to develop apps capable of carrying out multiple tasks at the same time with effective error handling.


Java Mobile App Development

We use cross-platform frameworks such as J2ME or Java ME to develop Java-based mobile applications.

The demand for mobile apps is at an all-time high. Our customers come with the constrained timelines to develop mobile apps for their respective businesses. Our teams create responsive Java mobile apps with rich UI to ensure a supreme end-user experience.


Java/J2EE Development Services

J2EE, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition provides the opportunity to create multi-layered enterprise-level software applications and systems.

J2EE provides a framework to combine and integrate a wide range of protocols and APIs. It has excessively increased the demand for J2EE in the market.

Our Java/J2EE development services offer application development from scratch or create a customized solution based on the existing application. We adhere to the customer requirements and expectations to meet the business needs. Our customer-centric approach enables us to fulfill customer demands in a cost-effective manner.


Maintenance and Support

We acknowledge the significance of every stage in the software development lifecycle.

Maintenance and support are crucial for any Java application to continuously improve the performance and quality of the app.

We assist our customers post-implementation to effectively maintain, update, and manage the app. The customers at times get stuck with the specific functionality or technical components included in the app. Our streamlined Java support services assist the customers to resolve the queries and issues promptly.

Our skilled workforce provides post-delivery maintenance and support to incorporate the desired changes and manage the security and quality of the app at all times.


Java Migration

Java is a programming language that comes with abundant benefits for the users.

There is reliable and secure application development possible with the use of Java frameworks and platforms. It is the very reason for the large-scale migration on Java platforms. The migration process comes with its share of risks and challenges. The primary ones revolve around the issues with mismanagement of performance, quality, security, and the overall business continuity.

We offer our Java migration services to ensure a smooth and secure transition from the existing platforms to the Java platforms without impacting the continuity of the business services. The key characteristics of Java are utilized by our team members to capitalize on the seamless migration of the services and the data sets.

Technology Stack for Java

The server side technology stack for Java is Spring Boot Backend Framework, PostgreSQL Database, Redis Key Value Storage, Apache Tomcat webserver, AWS Hosting provider, Postman API testing Tool, Java Servlet Web Application Server.

The client side technology Stack for Java is Javascript as frontend programming language, Angular Frontend framework, Jasmine Automation Framework. 


To sum it up

Our dedicated offshore team utilizes flexible and scalable engagement models to offer quick deliveries to our customers.

We provide cost-effective solutions using the agile methodology to deliver high-performing and high-quality applications to our customers. We have the skills, experience, and capabilities to meet the requirements of the customers.