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IT Modernization


Agility, scalability, and flexibility are the modern-day pillars to achieve successful business outcomes.

Many business firms face challenges to introduce these elements as they are held hostage by their legacy solutions.

It compromises the ability of the organizations to expand the business operations, incorporate new revenue sources, and include new partners for effective growth. Complexities in managing the data sets, high maintenance costs, and increased infrastructure costs are other prominent issues. 

Today’s business ecosystem is immensely competitive. IT modernization refers to the process of replacing the aging software and hardware components with automated and innovative solutions. End-to-end IT modernization can have significant impacts on the business growth and expansion for gaining an edge in the market.

Deosi offers a one-stop solution providing numerous modernization services at lower costs, improved security, and utmost accuracy. We carry out intelligent and secure automation with continuous optimization to our clients.  

IT Modernization
Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

We offer legacy system modernization services ensuring the continuity of the business operations and hassle-free migration.

We follow a step-by-step procedure for modernizing these systems starting with a detailed assessment of the current state to identify the changes. The modernization approach is selected and implemented as per the customized needs of our clients. We choose the technology stack in collaboration with our customers to ensure optimal performance and seamless user experience.  


UI Development

Many of our clients come with the requirements of UI development and improvements.

The user interface of web applications is one of the most critical elements. The visual appeal and the overall look & feel of the apps can play a major role in determining the user engagement levels. 

We offer UI development services including UI concept creation, mobile/web app UI development, responsive web design, UI/UX for cross-platform apps, and desktop UI development.  

Software Upgrade

Upgraded Software Implementation

Rapid changes are occurring in the technologies and digital concepts.

The use of outdated software versions can result in security & privacy risks, reduced reliability, and deteriorated operational excellence. 

We provide upgraded software implementation services with dedicated change control throughout the lifecycle. Quality assurance, quality control, and data backup are some of the components included in these services to ensure our clients do not lose any of their data sets. 

The technical and user documentation provided alongside assists the end-users in the easy usage of the new software versions implemented. 


Cloud Deployments

Cloud has emerged as an integral part of the enterprises in the current environment.

We help our clients in deploying the cloud environment faster with improved performance and robustness. The infrastructure costs are automatically reduced to a great extent with the deployment of the cloud platforms. 

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