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Global Delivery Models


Deosi’s Capabilities of Global Delivery Centers

We, at Deosi, believe in the idea of the global delivery centers. 

We offer Federal Agencies and commercial customers a wide range of software development services, Drupal Development services, Cloud services, Security framework services, and a lot more. The need and demand for these services is remarkably high across the globe. We take pride in stating the fact that we have successfully provided services to our onshore customers in the Federal as well commercial segment. The positive feedback from our customers are a testimony of our delivery capabilities. Our nearshore center in South America has also received a positive response from the customers.

Global Delivery Models

Our offshore Global delivery centers have been set up in Noida and Chennai in India.

Before we continue to state the capabilities of these offshore Global delivery centers, we must clarify the differences between offshoring and outsourcing.

The two terms are often used interchangeably; however, these are two different concepts. Outsourcing is the process of obtaining specific products or services from a third-party irrespective of the location. Offshoring, on the other hand, involves obtaining products or services from a different country.

Deosi has placed the interests and the preferences of the customers at the top priority at all times. The primary idea behind the offshore global delivery center is to diversify the skills and competencies of the team members to serve as the extended arm and also to ensure better services to the customers.  Our offshore delivery centers will allow us to provide enhanced customer experience levels and seamless delivery of projects. 


Innovation and Quality

Deosi offers cutting-edge technological solutions and services to our customers.

There are rapid changes taking place in the world of technology and we help our customers to ensure that they maintain  pace with the same. With our offshore global delivery centers, we have expanded the skill-set of our associates. The associates in our offshore delivery centers have specialized skills in DevOps, Azure cloud services, Drupal development, agile framework, UI/UX design, application programming, IT security & management, and others.

With such a diverse skill-set and varying professional experiences of the associates, we promise innovative services and solutions of unmatched quality. Our onshore, nearshore and offshore teams work together to continuously improve the end-product/service quality to offer a seamless customer experience.


Risk Control and Management

The IT and software services that we deal in are exposed to a large number of risks.

The primary concern has been the security and quality of the solutions and services. Apart from these, we have also been managing the organizational and performance risks to maintain the continuity of the business operations. With the establishment of the offshore global delivery centers, we have been able to improve our risk management and control capabilities. We now have enhanced control over the entire project development lifecycle to make effective decisions on risk mitigation.

The ability to control and manage the risks has in turn provided us with the ability to improve the overall quality and user experience levels. 


Round the clock Availability

With the expansion of our offshore global delivery center, we now target global customers and have the capabilities to meet the demands of customers across the world.

With our onshore and nearshore services, we were working with global clients; however, the time zone differences were a major concern for us. With the set-up of the offshore global delivery center, we can guarantee the sun never sets availability of our resources through our 24-hour development and implementation cycles.

The IT services and solutions that we offer are scalable and flexible. We make sure that the changes can be easily made as per the customer requirements and demands. These changes can come up at any hour with altering urgency levels. With our offshore global delivery center, we can cater to these changes to catch up quickly with the customers. The real-time changes are also possible without burdening our resources or compromising the needs of the customers.


Highly Reliable Services

We have better control and authority with the establishment of our offshore global delivery centers.

It has enabled us to track project performance and progress, thus assuring greater reliability of our products and services. Our associates remain available to review and audit the project development activities along with the changes made, further equipping us to identify and resolve the bugs in an effective manner.

Ability to Overcome the challenges in Offshore Global Delivery Centers


We carried out extensive research and analysis before going with the idea of offshoring.

During the research and analysis, there were some of the common challenges and pitfalls we came across.

The mismatch in the expectations and inability to manage the cultural diversity were some of the primary challenges we identified. The set-up of the offshore delivery center involves the inclusion of resources with diverse skill-set, cultural backgrounds, professional experience levels, age groups, and genders. We read through numerous case studies that failed to manage the diversity of the workforce and also set inadequate expectations during offshoring. Some other challenges that we identified were communication gaps, underestimating transition, and adverse implications on the existing business continuity.


However, we have been able to overcome the offshore development challenges and are capable to offer unmatched services and solutions to our customers.

The offshore development services we offer are completely transparent.

The real-time control and monitoring are carried out to avoid any gaps. We came up with a dedicated and defined plan to manage diversity in the workplace. We wanted to make sure that there were no discriminations or issues around mismanagement of the diversity. We have been successful in offering our resources with an unbiased work environment encouraging the ethical and legal ways of doing business.

Our performance-based work allotment and adaptive project development and management methodologies have also assisted us in better control and management. We have been able to map the skill set of the resources with the project requirements to improve the project quality. Also, the adaptive methods enable us to meet the changing customer requirements with minimal re-work and maximum customer satisfaction.

Data security and privacy have always been extremely significant for us. We make sure that security is included as an essential element in all the services and solutions that we offer. Also, our onshore, nearshore and offshore employee communicate through secure channels to avoid any issues of privacy violation.


Brief Summation

Deosi is a customer-oriented organization and the business decisions taken by the organization are in the best interests of its customers.

Our offshore global delivery centers also promote the same by improving innovation and quality, assuring sun never sets availability, expanding the diversity of the workforce, promising improved reliability, and ensuring effective risk control and management.