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Digital Transformation


Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits for the business firms and the associated stakeholders.

Many of the federal agencies and commercial enterprises suffer from significant challenges that can be resolved through digital transformation.

Outdated legacy technology is a primary issue in most federal agencies. According to an article published by The Hill, 61% of the federal IT officials confirmed the rising information security concerns due to legacy systems and technology. The outdated technology not only compromises security and privacy but also deteriorate the overall quality and performance capabilities. The slower processing and increased response time lead to massive losses with reduced customer interests. 

Another problem identified for commercial enterprises and federal agencies is poor data management. The traditional tools and techniques for data handling and management are no longer effective. These lead to the issues of data loss, data duplication, and inability to convert data into meaningful information and knowledge asset. It can also cause poor market performance as the competitors may already be utilizing intelligent data systems for data-driven business operations. 

We at Deosi recognize the urgent requirement of digital transformation. Our wide range of digital transformation services is capable of targeting the customer requirements and fulling the same for effective outcomes.

Digital transformation

Cloud Service Offerings

Cloud is the foundation for modern-day digital agility.

With our cloud services, we offer our customers the ability to introduce agility and flexibility in their business operations.

We provide cloud development and deployment services suiting the needs of business firms. The current systems and IT infrastructure is analyzed by our cloud consultants to come with the best-suited roadmaps for transforming the business into a cloud environment. These services cover development and deployment planning along with secure data migration, infrastructure migration, and application migration. We make sure that the continuity of the ongoing activities is not disrupted at any point in time.

We are committed to offering post-deployment cloud support to assist our customers in making the best use of the cloud platforms and services. Cloud support services cover round-the-clock assistance and support to the customers to resolve their queries and concerns.

Cloud hosting services by Deosi offer enhanced cost-savings and high flexibility to the clients. We cover all the cloud infrastructures including public, private, and hybrid cloud to meet the diverse requirements. 

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform with numerous cloud services and capabilities.

Our highly talented and qualified professionals are trained on Microsoft Azure to meet the expectations and needs of the customers.

Azure application services at Deosi provide the ease of development, deployment, and maintenance of the applications on the Azure platform. Some of these leading apps are Azure AI, Azure Analytics, and Azure IoT. These apps allow the clients to introduce the latest technologies without reinventing the wheel.

Azure data services provide capabilities to manage massive chunks of data and information. Secure and scalable cloud storage makes data handling and storage a hassle-free process.

We also boost up the software development processes through Azure development service with quick delivery of the required products and applications.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our experts are trained in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transform the legacy technology and systems in a quick turnaround time.

AWS purpose-built analytics services are designed and optimized accordingly to the unique analytics use cases. These services provide the best of performance, cost, and quality without compromising on data security. The features, such as centralized access control and column-level data filtering ensure complete data governance to the clients.

AWS development, deployment, and database services integrate the digital transformation needs of the end-users. We are committed to providing seamless services at a low-cost to achieve high engagement and satisfaction scores from our customers.



We are aware of the aggressive competition in the market and the urgency associated with the digital transformation processes.

Deosi DevOps services can help your business to move to the cloud for improved scalability and reliability. DevOps cloud infrastructure management services make up the building blocks for a smooth transition. We combine these with DevOps automation services by automating the deployment through the APIs. Our DevOps services cover:

  • Pilot framework creation to integrate the existing tools and applications with the robust ecosystem of licensed tools
  • Assessment and strategy planning by assessing the current infrastructure and status of the business to determine the roadblocks and create the best-suited strategies
  • Automation of the entire process pipeline covering code generation, test case development, quality assurance, implementation, deployment, and more
  • Continuous testing and integration for improved quality and delivery of defect-free services and products
  • Shift-left approach to integrating the security practices with the DevOps services to prevent any security and privacy violations  

Additionally, we provide a wide range of DevOps managed services for simplified digital transformation. These include operational management, regular monitoring, application maintenance, and streamlined communication.  

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