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Cloud Service Offerings


Cloud is the foundation for modern-day digital agility.

With our cloud services, we offer our customers the ability to introduce agility and flexibility in their business operations.

We provide cloud development and deployment services suiting the needs of business firms. The current systems and IT infrastructure is analyzed by our cloud consultants to come with the best-suited roadmaps for transforming the business into a cloud environment. These services cover development and deployment planning along with secure data migration, infrastructure migration, and application migration. We make sure that the continuity of the ongoing activities is not disrupted at any point in time.

We are committed to offering post-deployment cloud support to assist our customers in making the best use of the cloud platforms and services. Cloud support services cover round-the-clock assistance and support to the customers to resolve their queries and concerns.

Cloud hosting services by Deosi offer enhanced cost-savings and high flexibility to the clients. We cover all the cloud infrastructures including public, private, and hybrid cloud to meet the diverse requirements. 

cloud service offerings